Our reliable partner Different hotel – Eurotel lanaken – you’ll love it


Eurotel Lanaken has been a trusted address in Maasland, the heart of the Euro region, for many years. The hotel is situated in the countryside, across from one of the gateways to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Eurotel Lanaken is only 6 km from Maastricht (Netherlands).
Meet different.
Eurotel Lanaken has four meeting rooms which you can arrange according to your own wishes. All the meeting facilities are present. You can organize your meeting entirely by yourself.
Spice up your meeting with Bilzen mysteries. Let yourself be carried away by the past of the castle of Alden Biesen. Your guide, the latest owner of the castle, will lead the way through the area. He will reveal the biggest secrets  one by one.
Mister van Biesen and Eurotel Lanaken are waiting for you…

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Hocht meeting zaal - Eurotel

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Interview with Tiziana Russi from Different Hotels.


Before we start with the story of Different hotels, can you please give us more information about yourself?

Tiziana studied office management but got inspired by her uncle who worked for the hotel chain Sol y Meliá in Spain and came back with amazing stories which inspired her to look for a job in hotel management / sales.

She started her career as a business development executive in 2010.  Every time she passed by the Carbon hotel in Genk, she said; I want to work there, and after a while her dream came true. Since 2013 she joined the Different Hotels sales team.  As from August 2016 she is the leading lady of the sales & marketing team where she can express her passion for sales!

Different Hotels distinguish itself from other hotel groups by a different strategy. Can you explain this strategy?

As a national hotel group Different Hotels is working hard to become top of mind in the MICE sector. The hotel group differentiates itself by focusing on the personal experience of each guest. All hotels are different, unique, with a different approach which makes it really interesting to offer the right hotel for the right client. In this way Different hotels creates trust and interaction with their guests.

Different Hotels wants to become the employer of the year in 2020. Therefore they started the campaign internally in 2016. Their goal is to achieve more guest ambassadors and most of all happy returning guests. “Happy When You Are” that is where Different Hotels stands for.

Different Hotels also differentiates itself from other hotel groups by unique marketing campaigns. Last year for example, they opened the we had a pop-up castle Pietersheim at Lanaken. In 2017 they released the campaign “Win a hotel” by giving the chance to their guests to win the YUP Hotel Hasselt for one night.  Excited for what will be next? Stay updated and follow Different Hotels.

What will 2017 look like for Different Hotels?

The German market will be the next MICE focus of Different Hotels.  Besides approaching the German market, another aim is creating partnerships. Not only with partners locally like restaurants or bike rentals, but also with companies that are in line with their philosophy, experience and personal attention. Tiziana Russi


Tiziana Russi

Head of sales & Marketing @Different Hotels


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Yannick Hammel, THE partner for hospitality and events!


Read the latest interview of MPI-Belgium, Yannick Hammel from Mise en Place Belgium.

Yannick, can you tell us more about yourself?

Yannick is born in Brasschaat (northern part of Antwerp) and moved to the beautiful city of Ghent for his studies. He studied journalism at the Artevelde Hogeschool. Yannick has a great passion for football and tennis and was a tennis teacher for more than 7 years. Unfortunately he couldn’t combine his passion as a teacher with his current job at Mise en Place.


Would you like to share more information about your professional career?

When Yannick was studying in Ghent he joined Mise en Place as a (job)student. The company gave him the opportunity to grow and to receive more responsibilities and started in 2014 with his first full time job as a Project Manager in the region of Antwerp.
More than 2 years later he received a new offer to become the commercial manager of Mise en Place Antwerp, Limburg and Brussels. And also to become the Commercial manager for  the Servicecenter 4Hospitality for the HotelloTOP Belgium event. He was attracted by the challenge and accepted the offer.
NB: Servicecenter 4Hospitality and Mise en Place have the same CEO, Charlie Van Gogh but are two separate companies.  Both their Headquarters are based in Maastricht (The Netherlands).


How are you looking forward to the upcoming edition of Hotellotop and can give us more insight information about this event?

This year will be the 4th edition of HotelloTOP Belgium. Each year we invite almost 1500 alumni of hotel management schools in Belgium. This event is born in the Netherlands and really quickly they noticed that the Belgium market requested the same alumni platform. Last year’s edition on 22nd March 2016 was influenced unfortunately by the terroristic attacks of Brussels. This year is an important year according to Yannick. Edition of 2017 is a preparation to make the event even bigger next year. In 2018 HotelloTOP Belgium will celebrate its  5th anniversary.
Yannick is convinced that the future of the Belgian MICE industry is going up again but we still have to face a lot of challenges but the opportunities are out there!2d88621

Yannick Hammel, synergy creator @Mise en Place & HotelloTOP Belgium

Commercial Manager

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Interview Benoit Froment – Brussels MICE day, Meetaxis

Welcome Benoit Froment from Meetaxis in our second interview of MPI Belgium.

Benoit, can you tell us more about yourself ?

Benoit is born in Namur and when he was a little boy, his father got a job in Bolivia and they moved with the entire family to South-America. During 4 years he lived in Bolivia, where he learned Spanish and French. Unfortunately, they had to leave due to altitude sickness of his twin brother and mother as their house was situated 4000 meter above sea level.
Back in Belgium, Benoit studied art, but never got a job in this se

ctor however his passion for art remained until now he still visits exhibitions worldwide. He continued to study political science and finished at the Solvay Business School where he choose for marketing.


Would you like to share more information about your professional career?

Benoit started his career directly in the exhibitions ‘sector’. He organized the ‘baby & future mother’ exhibition in Belgium and expanded the formule for his former employer to other cities in Belgium and abroad to Spain, all over the country.
In 2000 Benoit started to organize EMIF in Belgium from 200 exhibitors for the first edition until 650 exhibitors to last edition with 6000 visitors in 2007. A huge success!
From 2008 –  he started his own company focused on marketing and exhibitions for the MICE industry and launched the Meetopolis concept during 4 years.
A part from his job, to keep fit and de-stressed, he plays badminton and volleyball.


Why have you started with The Brussels & Global MICE Day?

Very simple, Benoit replied. Due to a high demand and since EMIF no other concept has replaced this exhibition, there was really a need for something new.


Last year 2016 was the first edition of the Brussel MICE Day, how are you looking forward to the upcoming edition?

We have a lot of international destinations, more than national destinations which means there is a huge interest from abroad.  We still receive demands from exhibitors to join, which is great. We aim to have around 400/500 trade visitors and 154 exhibitors. We have learned from the previous edition and we improved the second edition for the upcoming year.


If we have a look in the future, how does your future looks like?

On professional level, more new concepts will be launched, he didn’t want to tell more, please keep us posted. We are curious!

On the personal level, his passion for art remained and he would love to move to Barcelona in the upcoming years.



To close the interview Benoit would like to share the following slogans with us:

A big portion of ‘courage’

Don’t be afraid to fail
Take one step at the time

Thank you very much Benoit Froment


Project Leader & Organizer


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Interview with Erik Wood from Eventonline


MPI Belgium has started with a range of interviews among their partners and Erik Wood has the privilege to start.

Brief introduction; tell us more about the person Erik behind Eventonline?

Actually, normally I’m the interviewer so for met it’s funny to sit at the other side and being interviewed. Let’s go almost 12 years back in time when Erik started with Eventonline. Before Erik worked in different companies, always in the MICE sector and communication has always been his passion, as many of you might know Erik loves to talk. Before he started Eventonline he was a great believer of digital communication and working for his last employer 13 years ago, he decided to start his own company. He took the challenge, jumped and put all his money and effort to create Eventonline. With succes! Although Erik is persistant it was challenging but now Eventonline is a common name in the MICE market in the Benelux. Besides communication he is passionated about sports and is convinced if you push your limits in the sports, you will succeed better in your professional life.

The origin of the MICE Party, how this initiative became a must attend event. What is your ‘secret’?

January 2014 Erik received a call from Davy Luyten from Eventsfactory and told Erik, the Pureliner is in Antwerp, if you want to use it it’s yours. Erik decided to use this opportunity although it was on very short notice to create a party on the boat for the MICE industry. After he launched the party and started with the communication, he quickly reached 400 subscribers. A huge succes! The year after he celebrated this 10th anniversary and since then the party is getting bigger and bigger. In 2015 he received more than 500 persons on the Oceandiva. Not only in the number of participants but also the range is wider, they are coming from the Netherlands and Luxemburg as well.

This year the party will be in the new headquarters of J&M Catering, which is an unique industrial venue where the focus is to ‘tickle your senses’ in different ways. Of course there will be excellent food, amazing acts and special effects. And what’s new this year as well is around 100 corporate clients will be present as well. Perfect for networking!

This year you will organize your first ‘cycling’ trip, can you tell us more about this sportive event?

Erik is a passionate cycler and started again with an idea which he shared on Facebook; a cyclye trip for 15 persons and within 3 days the trip was sold out. All participants are working in the MICE sector where during the trip will be time for networking and discussions as well, aprt from cycling of course. He wants to inspire others to cycle as well as all his ideas were created during his cycle tours. Cycling is his passion, his best friend, his challenge, outlet and source of inspiration.

Eventonline exists now more than 10 years, where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Erik wants to continue to focus on his niche, the MICE industry, to get more return on investment. The website of venues online will be relaunched and has the unique possibility to visit venues virtual. In september this year the website of MICE Magazine gets a facelift and the one from Eventonline will get a refreshing look and feel.

Besides being an sportive and active entreprenuer, Erik also wants to share his knowledge with the upcoming generation. He gives lectures at the Artevelde Hogeschool and universities and is part of the advisory board of Artevelde Hogeschool. They are the next generation!

Erik has the full support of his partner Olivier Wauters and his entire team.

Thank you Erik and good luck with all your challenges.


Erik Wood,  Managing Director
Eventonline  Provinciesteenweg 535 | 2530 Boechout
tel : 0032 (0)474 467 291

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A new year, a new start, a new partner


Different hotels is a new partner of MPI Belgium for the upcoming year 2016-2017. During this year MPI Belgium will bring you monthly updates about Different hotels.

Who is our new partner?

Different Hotels is a group of 13 hotels spread over all Belgium but most of the hotels are situated in Limburg: a green, trendy and hip province with a lot of tourist attractions. Different Hotels offers you an outstanding service and comfort with free wifi. Different Hotels has something for everyone.

A new concept : Pop-up hotel Pietersheim

Not a pop-up store but a Pop-up hotel Pietersheim is open for clients this summer from the 3rd of June until the 30th of September. An unique concept in a spectacular location in Lanaken. It’s a self-service hotel with 13 rooms. In Kasteel Pietersheim you’ll find everything for a comfortable stay. Coffee and tea are available in your room and you can always enjoy a refreshing drink on our lovely terrace. If you would like to offer your clients an unique experience, Pietersheim is your place.

Koning Albertlaan 255
3620 Lanaken
T. +32 (0)89 722 822
Curious? More information?
If you would like to have your product in the spotlights, please contact us: administration@mpi-belgium.be

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Belgium Chapter received MPI RISE Award in Atlantic City


MPI Belgium is proud to announce that it has received its first award! As the recipient of this year’s RISE (Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence) Award for “Marketplace Excellence”, the chapter was honored at the annual MPI RISE Awards Presentation and Luncheon during the association’s 2016 World Education Congress (WEC) in Atlantic City.

“Congratulations to the 2016 RISE Awards recipients,” said Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of MPI. “We salute each of these leaders who were nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions and performance. Their achievements will be recognized within our global community for years to come.”

The RISE Award for Marketplace Excellence was presented to the MPI Belgium Chapter for providing exceptional business exchanges for its members. The chapter approached its annual BE Conference differently, including sponsors and partners in the planning process and during the event. Their new approach helped elevate the connection between attendees and their partners and created business opportunities between their members. Since the successful conference, MPI Belgium has also seen growth in its chapter involvement from its members.

Word from the Chapter leaders

We are so proud to receive the global MPI RISE Award for Marketplace Excellence at #WEC16. Due to the hard work of our team of MICE Professionals and the support of our members, partners and sponsors, MPI Belgium is stronger than before.

This award is our motivation to grow to an even larger community, to raise brand awareness and to get more volunteers involved.

Members, volunteers, stakeholders, MPI HQ, MPI Foundation, friends and family thank you for your support, your patience and recognition.

About MPI Belgium

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MPI Belgium elects new President at #GMID16


During #GMID16, MPI Belgium President Pieter Allaerts passed the torch to Mariska Kesteloo.

The article below was written and first appeared on Mice Magazine.

“The last five years, I have held several positions on the board of MPI, from organizing ‘educationals’ and networking get-togethers up to the presidency. A responsibility I gladly took during the last two years. According to the statutes of MPI the presidency lasts only a two-year term, and mine ends now. Consequently, I will step aside and hand over the president’s seat to new talent,” says Pieter Allaerts.

“For me it’s a challenge to follow in the footsteps of Peter,” said Mariska Kesteloo. “He has done a lot of preparatory work. We can now focus on strategy and entering into partnerships with other organizations that are active in Belgium.”

“As ‘Past President’ I will remain involved with MPI and continue to give my full support and advice so that our rapidly growing organization can continue to prosper,” Pieter Allaerts adds. “This way, no experience is lost. After all, continuity is important.”

Newly elected MPI president Mariska Kesteloo has set herself three goals already. To clearly position MPI on the market in Belgium, to increase the number of members and to grow the number of board members. “The latter, I want to strongly emphasize. During my time on the board, I learned a lot, my network has grown and moreover you sit on top of the new trends. I would like to convey this message to potential board members in order to attract new candidates to achieve even more in the near future.”

On the agenda for the coming year 2016-2017 plenty of activity is already taking shape: working sessions with other partners and the organization of shorter but more qualitative events. Education, of course, remains the main pillar of MPI.


#GMID16 Post-event Documents



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Post-event Summary: Sustainable Purchasing & Communication


On 14 April 2016, MPI Belgium celebrated the first ever Global Meetings Industry Day in the citycenter of Brussels. The day started out with our Meetings Go Green workshop on sustainable purchasing & zero-waste communication. During the afternoon, our focus shifted to the topic of communication on a larger scale.

The information below relates only to the Meetings Go Green workshop held during #GMID16

Event Outline

Prevention is better than cure. Reusable, edible or biodegradable plates and cups, recycled packaging … Our third “Meetings Go Green” workshop explored how to create and implement sustainable purchasing decisions to reduce the negative environmental impact of your events.

The implementation of a greener purchasing programme reduces the burden on the environment, while at the same time benefiting your business by reducing costs. It’s also great CSR, you give attendees “green” products and environmentally conscious businesses.

Click on the links to open the presentation.

Event photos

  • All those who participated in #GMID16 received a personal coupon code to purchase photos. Missed the code? Contact our team to retrieve it.

Interview with Fiona Pelham


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Curious how furniture contributes to the meetovation concept of GMID Belgium?


During the upcoming Belgian GMID you will experience local inspiration, responsible thinking, active involvement and an effective physical setting. These are the five elements of meetovation. During the preparations of this top notch event we came across Fraai Projecten. We called Merel van Gijzel, accountmanager of Fraai Projecten with the question whether they could assist us in creating a physical setup complimenting the objectives of our meeting, and promoting active involvement of GMID16 participants. Merel replied by inviting me to Fraai’s warehouse in Raamsdonkveer, where we met a few days later.

Merel and I took a cup of coffee and discussed the objectives and programme of #GMID16. Based on the elements that #GMID16 is an event where sustainability, communication, interaction and the stimulation of conversation are central, we agreed that the physical setting for the main session room needs to enhance learning and needs to ensure that delegates can easily move around. For the lunch area, we’re going for an easy-going setup where people feel relaxed and comfortable – ready to have good conversations with their peers.

After this insightful meeting, Merel showed me around the warehouse of Fraai Projecten where I discovered inspiring and creative concepts. Two concepts I really likes: the cosy après ski bars, to the furniture used during last year’s Nuclear Security Summit in the World Forum in the Hague. It was interesting to meet with the different teams in the warehouse who were preparing the furniture for numerous projects: different EU meetings part of the Dutch Presidency, and film premieres sets for Kinepolis Antwerp.

After this dazzling tour I was impressed by the creativite minds at Fraai Projecten, and the stock they have available.  Register for #GMID16 to experience how furniture and an effective physical space can make a difference at your meetings!

More about #GMID16

The MPI Belgium Chapter is holding an event in conjunction with the Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) on April 14. Come to the center of Brussels for a morning workshop to grow your knowledge on sustainable purchasing & zero-waste communication, and an afternoon with talks from thought leaders in the field.

More about Fraai Projecten

Fraai Projecten BV
Ramgatseweg 30
4941 VS Raamsdonksveer
The Netherlands
Telephone:   +31(0)162-69 22 98
Website: www.fraaiprojecten.nl

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