Our reliable partner Different hotel – Eurotel lanaken – you’ll love it


Eurotel Lanaken has been a trusted address in Maasland, the heart of the Euro region, for many years. The hotel is situated in the countryside, across from one of the gateways to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Eurotel Lanaken is only 6 km from Maastricht (Netherlands).
Meet different.
Eurotel Lanaken has four meeting rooms which you can arrange according to your own wishes. All the meeting facilities are present. You can organize your meeting entirely by yourself.
Spice up your meeting with Bilzen mysteries. Let yourself be carried away by the past of the castle of Alden Biesen. Your guide, the latest owner of the castle, will lead the way through the area. He will reveal the biggest secrets  one by one.
Mister van Biesen and Eurotel Lanaken are waiting for you…

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