Launch Meetings Go Green


MPI Belgium has taken the opportunity to help meeting and event planners in Belgium to provide them with workshops about how to make informed decisions for greening their events.

Throughout the upcoming year and a half, MPI Belgium is committed to share education, resources and ideas with those who want to find (cheap) ways to make events more sustainable.

Gemmeke, board member of MPI, together with Marcel and Laure from 21Solutions and Damien from Expostant d.
Gemmeke, board member of MPI, together with Marcel and Laure from 21 Solutions and Damien from Expostant D during the projec’s launch at the BE Conference 2015.

MPI Belgium received a grant from Bruxelles Environnement – Leefmilieu Brussel, with the help of BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry), to organise 4 workshops around better waste management in the meetings and events industry. MPI will work with 2 consultant groups – 21 Solutions and Yuzu Events – to develop, create and facilitate the project.

About the project

The project was launched during the 20th anniversary and the annual BE Conference on 24 June. During the day a first enquete was held amongst the meeting professionals. Several interesting findings were discovered:

  • 50% of the people questioned have not yet started with waste management and policies during the events they organise.
  • However 44% think it’s important and also a priority to set up a framework to assist with better waste management during an event.
  • The highest priority seems to be the food waste within the industry for 77% of the professionals questioned.
  • It’s a fact most of the ‘left overs’ of food at an event end up in the bin as no other measures are taken.

MPI with 21 Solutions and Exposant D is really looking forward to developing new concrete actions to assist members of MPI and other meeting professionals to improve their eco-management of events. It will be an interesting challenge to change the mentality and the way of working.

Planned activities

The project will be spread over 2015 and 2016 and will bring you 4 workshops with different themes (e.g. management of waste, re-using material of an event, reduction of food waste, potential of the sharing economy in the events and meetings sector, etc.) and the development of a practical guide for smart and good management of an event.

The Meetings Go Green website will be online soon – in the meantime you can subscribe to receive more information here.

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